About Us

Time change and customer are looking for fast production and prototype.

any project you have  let us look at it and created your project.

With access to Machine :

CNC 4 axis (50 Y) (62 X) (20 Z) (48 long / 22 diameter A) inches
CNC 4 axis (66 Y) (122 X) (8 Z) (122 long / 16 diameter A) inches
CNC 3 axis (60 Y) (120 X) (12 Z) inches
CNC 3 axis (50 Y) (144 X) (4 Z) inches ( for Aluminium )

Thermoforming ( 24 x 32 inches ) double oven
Thermoforming ( 24 x 36 inches ) single oven
Thermoforming ( 24 x 48 inches ) single oven
Thermoforming ( 60 x 96 inches ) double oven

Plastic Injection ( 40 to 350 tones)

3D printer ABS and PLA (10 x 9 x 8 inches) (254 x 228.6 x 203.2mm) -720 cubic inches

Welding machine for Steel , Aluminium, Plastic, HDPE, ABS

CNC Machine for Wood, Composite, Aluminum. Welding Machine for steel conception and structural Design. Thermoforming Machine for special Design creation. 3D printer for first test prototype.

How We Work


It your Project Taking time to look at all the possibility and option to created your parts.


Thinking green on Material to use this day everyone has to think green, let star with good material and economic way to built your project.


Step by step Of the creation must be plan together, your parts must be built like your requirement and spec, sometime little thing make all the difference so let work and get this project done.

We’ll make your project faster, better and stronger!