We deliver value

Price and quality are not a linear equation !

  • How many people do you now driving that expensive european car which is always at the garage for maintenance ?
  • Have you ever purchased expensive shoes only to have them de-soled after three months ?
  • Ever wonder why some clothes are expensive while others made of the same fabric are way more affordable ?
  • Ever wonder why proprietary technology locks you in a spending spiral ?
If you ask yourself these questions, it means you have an eye for value. 
It means you know value is knowing what you get for your money.
It means you know "paying for a reputation" often means just that: Paying.

Every FABinMOTION C-FAB machine comes standard with the following included features, often offered elsewhere as expensive options:

  • Heavy welded steel moving gantry
  • Heavy-duty 25mm helical rack-and-pinions
  • Heavy-duty 25mm square linear rails
  • Large 25mm ballscrews
  • Heavy-duty 900-oz steppers with encoders on every axis
  • Multi-zone 25mm high-density PVC vacuum tables
  • Powerful 5.5kW spindle with ER32 collet
  • Starter kit with imperial or metric collets and collet wrenches
  • 7.5kW Water-ring or regenerative blower vacuum pump
  • Touch screen and wireless pendant
  • 4-axis controller, ready for tangential cutter or 4th axis

Service and warranty:
C_Fab machines come with a standard 1-year warranty on the frame and motion systems (3 months on the spindle and vacuum pump), parts and labour.
After the warranty period, our service prices are amog the lowest in the industry.

C-Fab machines come in sizes between 4x4 and 8x16. Other sizes are available as custom builds if such is your need.
We offer the same options as anyone else, including:

  • Automatic tool changers
  • Tangential cutting heads
  • Ink-Marking heads
  • 4th axis
  • Extended Z-axis stroke
  • B+C-axis heads
  • Laser edge finders
  • Z-probes
  • etc...

Future upgrade/Trade-Ins:
Some may have you believe their expensive routers last approximately 10 years. Of course they do. They want to sell you a new, even more expensive machine after that period. But before you go down that route, consider a retrofit/update. We have given a new lease on life on many "expired" machines from our competitors, many more than 25 years old, saving the customer tens of thousands of dollars.
In the end, it's your money and it's your choice.

Components and spare parts:
C-FAB machines don't use obscure proprietary technology. Our controllers are either Mach3 or LinuxCNC based and this means in the future you have a large, worldwide selection of sources for spare parts and knowledge.

Cut quality:
Cut quality depends on machine rigidity, spindle power and tool sharpness. Period.
Of course, you must supply adequate G-Code to obtain the desired results, but you knew that already, didn't you ?
C-FAB machines come standard with steel gantries, heavy rails, racks and ballscrews, all contributing to machine rigidity and cut quality.
As an interesting exercise, ask the expensive machine vendors to demonstrate to you an internal pocket with no overcut corners, or ask them to be honest about the trade-off between advertised cutting speeds and surface finish. You may be surprised by what you see.

In the end, it all comes down to value. It's your money, you decide.