Training included with each machine sold

Everytime we sell a machine, we throw in two full days of training at no extra cost. We will walk you around your new machine and will accompany you through your first cuts. The following subjects will be covered:

  • Start-up and safety
  • Coordinate systems
  • Introduction to the control software
  • Introduction to toolpaths and G-Code
  • Introduction to cutting tools and feeds + speeds

Customized training

After a while working with their new machine, many of our customers feel they need additional in-depth training on specific subjects relevant to their respective fields. FABinMOTION can prepare specific training according to your needs, whether it's to optimize your cutting activities or to seek a better production integration.

On-Line training

In specific cases, on-line training can be arranged using TeamViewer(TM). Although we do not recommend connecting your machine to the internet, on-line trining remains a practical alternative for such subjects as drawing and toolpath generation.