About Us

Company history

Our humble beginnings date back to 2004, when FABinMOTION specialised in prototyping vacuformed plastics. As the molds were machined on the premises, the company quickly built, operated and maintained its own CNC machinery.

This acquired experience was progressively offered to third parties and quickly became part of our services portfolio. As a growing number of customers came to us for CNC retrofits and repairs, the way forward was clear: to become a distributor of new CNC machines.

Today, FABinMOTION is a division entirely dedicated to distributing, supporting and retrofitting CNC machinery. The company offers a complete range of CNC routers and retrofitting services.

  • 2009-2018

Testimonial :

The FABinMOTION team had performed a successful retrofit on our small Laguna CNC router. Our business has since seen significant growth which made us ripe for a larger, mor capable machine. Going to FABinMOTION for a C-FAB router was a no-brainer. They delivered our new 5 x 10 machine complete with vacuum table within a week, and both machine and support continue to exceed our expectations. As our business continues to grow in the future, we will not hesitate to go back to FABinMOTION for our CNC needs.

Michel P, Pro-Jet, Anjou.